Available MANIFESTATION BIBLE materials

How to easily start manifesting your material goals in minutes

Until recent MANIFESTATION BIBLE materials were available only to the Filip's closest associates and a few of the VIP clients with whom he worked personally.

Now you can download them right away and start manifesting your material goals in minutes.

The main material is the complete step-by-step MANIFESTATION BIBLE Practical Course (complete PDF Ebook), with all print-ready practical materials that you will need in your work (also PDF files).

If you prefer videos you should choose MANIFESTATION BIBLE Video Course (15 practical "take-you-by-the-hand-and-show-you" MP4 videos).

Both products are immediately accessable (after completing the payment, you will get the email with the link to the download pages right away).

For more detailed information about the courses, Tibetan Book of Manifestation and the REAL Law of Attraction, WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW!


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